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april, 2022

06apr21:0022:30Virtual EventCivilization SG: Bringing Madrasa BackHigher Education and Institutionalization of Islamic Civilization in Contemporary Turkey

Group Details

The Civilization Study Group brings together and examines different aspects of the ongoing debate on the concept of civilization in the Islamic intellectual field in Turkey. We seek to explore both the genealogy of the concept of “Islamic Civilization” as it developed since the 1960s, and the emergence and evolution of the notion of civilizationism as a political ideology since the  1990s. The goal is to develop and present different aspects of this debate at the MESA 2022 conference, and later in a workshop toward the publication of a volume of collected essays.

Virtual Event Details

Event has already taken place!


Event Coordinator: Seda Baykal
Moderator: Alev Çınar
Enes Ateş
Gizem Zencirci
Fatma Murat Elmacıoğlu
M. Nergiz Altınsoy
İsmail Yazıcı
Talha Köseoğlu
Ayşe Ayten Bakacak
Kadir Can Çelik
Onur Kalkan
Miraç Kulaklı
Ferzan İdeli


(Wednesday) 21:00 - 22:30 Event starts at 08:00 P.M. TR, 09:00 A.M. PST


Alev ÇınarProject Coordinator