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may, 2022

16may19:0020:30Virtual EventPostcolonial SGReadings on Orientalism

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One of the central and controversial issues that is common to all the different schools of thought in the Islamic intellectual field is the relationship between Islam and the West. These debates often address issues related to colonialism, imperialism, modernity, Orientalism and Occidentalism, which are topics that have been developed and addressed by Postcolonial Studies literature. This reading group has been initiated to provide a crash-course on Postcolonial Theory and Criticism to constitute a common conceptual framework in the analysis of different schools of thought in the intellectual field. One of the goals of the group is to explore Decolonial Theory and concepts such as “dewesternization” and “epistemological decolonization” with the expectation that this approach will be productive in the analysis of the Islamic intellectual field as a non-European site of political theorizing.

Virtual Event Details

Event has already taken place!


Event Coordinator & Moderator: Alev Çınar
Talha Köseoğlu
Enes Ateş
Gizem Zencirci
Seda Baykal
M. Nergiz Altınsoy
İsmail Yazıcı
Fatma Murat Elmacıoğlu
Ayşe Ayten Bakacak
Kadir Can Çelik
Burcu Sezer
Didem İşçi


(Monday) 19:00 - 20:30 Event starts at 07:00 P.M. TR, 09:00 A.M. PST


Alev ÇınarProject Coordinator